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New Partnership in the United Kingdom: Mind the Tag

Macsha expands its operations to the United Kingdom. We recently partnered up with Race Timing Solutions Ltd., an expert and well-known sports timing company in the country.


Race Timing Solutions was founded by Dennis Lisbygd in 2010. They are now one of the leading companies in the electronic timing industry. Dennis and his team provide a complete range of sport races services to organizers. They ensure the best quality for a successful and fulfilling event experience.



The potential of chip timing in the competitive British market is huge. However, there are not many options within UHF solutions. Race Timing Solutions Ltd. has been using different timing technologies and they know what Timers need. Therefore, they have chosen Macsha’s technology for its reliability and simplicity to operate.


We had the pleasure of interviewing them:


1. When was RTS founded and what were the main sports and events you timed?

Race Timing Solutions started in 2010. Back then it was mainly providing standard chip timing and results service for event organizers within running and Triathlon. Today we offer a full range of additional services to race organizers such as Clock Hire, Finish Arches, walkie-talkie hire etc. and also working in other sports like open water swimming, cycling, cyclo-cross, mountain biking, obstacle course running.


High profile events we timed:

-Irish Standard Distance Triathlon Championship 2017

-English Sprint Distance Triathlon Championship 2017

-ASA open water Championship 2016 and 2017

-Richmond Running Festival (about 10000 entries)

-Total Warrior obstacle course running (about 7000 entries per event)


2. Tell us about the English market and the benefits this partnership will bring to the English market and Timers.

The timing industry in the UK has seen a big change in behaviors over the last few years and more events are taking up the timing challenge themselves. The simplicity and efficiency of the One4All 5 systems will now allow us to support events that want to do this too.

We have not had much contact with other timing companies in the country, but we look forward to visiting them all and tell them about Macsha and our FREE price plan.



3. How did you hear about Macsha and why did you decide to work with us?

Macsha got in contact with us through our website, as they were looking to expand into the UK. After a visit to Barcelona headquarters, it was clear to me that Macsha understood the changes that are currently happening in the chip timing industry and presented a clear vision for possibilities in the future. We had for some time been looking for a partnership like this so the decision was not really difficult to make.


4. What do you expect from this partnership? What are your plans for the future now that you have our technology?

Now that we can sell and rent systems, we want to make sure that even more events are being chip timed and provide the organizers and athletes with fast and accurate times every time. By using the network of Macsha timers we hope that over the next few years we can focus only on sales and renting, instead of physically being out timing events ourselves.


5. Who is the contact person for the UK Timers interested in Macsha’s technology?

Dennis Lisbygd (Timing companies) – Abi Kolapo (Event organizers and Clubs). Email address to get in touch


The technology development for sports is the most important thing for us. Follow our adventure on our timing blog and stay updated through our latest news.

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