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Macsha Argentina at Patagonia Run 2018

For the 4th year, Macsha Argentina was a part of the Patagonia Run! It’s an event with 3000 participants and it’s a part of the Ultra Trail World Tour calendar where runners collect points. Each runner could choose from 6 distances: 100 miles (160km), 100Km, 70Km, 42Km, 21Km and 10 Km.


Once again, Macsha was present at this wonderful event, providing assistance to Andes Cronos, our Timer from San Martín de Los Andes. A place with one of the most impressive landscapes in the world highlighted as the most beautiful in the Andean Patagonia in Argentina.


📷 Fotos de Aventura


Matias Susco, our expert technician from Argentina, has been a part of the great timing team that worked hard to obtain impeccable results.

Patagonia Run is a race in the mountain trails and paths, with individual participation and 6 distances for all kinds of athlete profiles: from beginners in the trail and short distances to experienced ultramarathoners.

For more information about the tours, click here:



The start line for the 100 miles was the Lácar shoreline, while for the 10k, 21k, 42k, 70k and 100k distances it was the Mountain Regiment 4 – Coraceros General Lavalle.

A successful competition but also tough for both competitors and Timers, with a total duration of more than 36 hours.


📷 Fotos de Aventura


Check out our Set Up used for this type of event:



Practically the entire range of Macsha’s readers: One4All 2.0, One4All Ocelot, Time Box and 2 One4All 5 PRO, one of 8 ports and another of 4.



For the arrival, we use the combination of folding floor + 2 lateral antennas.

At intermediate points, in some cases, we use side antennas and other aerial panel antennas.

The exits were measured with two lateral antennas placed in a fenced corridor, through which the athletes had to pass before being placed in the proper start.



There were 4 intermediate control points with timings: Chapelco, Colorado, Quilanlahue, and Bayos.



In all control points, 100% of readings were obtained. The software used for time measurement was Classify Lite.



Live the Patagonia Run experience here:


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