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Desafío Río Pinto 2018: The Most Important MTB in Latin America

Macsha Argentina had the honour to time the XXIII edition of the famous Desafío al Valle de Río Pinto, a competitive event with more than 5000 cyclists in 23 different categories divided into 12 starts.


On April 29 at La Cumbre, Córdoba, the new edition of Desafío al Valle del Río Pinto, the most important Mountain Bike race in Latin America, with an area of almost 86 kilometres took place.



It is a competition where thousands of professional and amateur cyclists from different Argentinian provinces have participated. There was also a significant number of foreign cyclists.



Desafío al Valle del Río Pinto is a race that brings together more than 5000 cyclists, which makes it the most numerous race in Latin America. It runs continuously since 1996, and three editions ago our expert Timers from Macsha Argentina (Pablo Maccarone, Matias Susco, Carlos Capdevilla and Gaston Villavicencio) timed this fantastic event.



The start has been divided into categories that started with a 15 minutes separation. The most numerous categories were brought together into 600 cyclists that started the race at the same time.



Few races in the world put such massive participation of the feminine, young and old categories on their starting line.



Christian Ranquehue from Bariloche, who finished the race within 2 hours and 36 minutes was the male winner. Just like in 2013 and 2017, Carolina Pérez from Mar del Plata was the female winner.


The set up used was:


Startline / Finishline: 10 mts.

– 8 aerial antennas

– 4 lateral antennas

– 3 One4All 5.0 X4 Base

Intermediate point: 5 mts.

– 2 aerial antennas

– 2 side antennas

– 1 One4All 5.0 X4 Base


After 12 hours of competition, the One4All ended up with a 40% battery charge. From the intermediate point, we transmitted LIVE times to the PCs with RUFUS. It was located at the finish line and using the new functionality of RUFUS and One4All 5, which allows connecting with one or several remote computers via FTP file.


We also released a new version of the Kiosk software compatible with RUFUS and placed several kiosks and PCs for inquiries. The Kiosk also premiered a new version of the ticket.



On the other hand, we placed a giant led screen, put in automatic scrolling and LIVE results of the first 10 participants classified in each category.



Find out more about the Rio Pinto 2018 experience here:


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