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Macsha Barcelona at Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara

Last Sunday, on June 3rd, the town of Reus welcomed the departure and the arrival of Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara’s most special edition. 8,000 cyclists from 25 countries around the world participated in the race.


La Mussara takes place on the roads of the province of Tarragona, where athletes perform their best alongside the beautiful scenery.


📷Martí Milla


This fifth edition of the cycling event was timed by our expert Timers from Macsha Barcelona for the 3rd consecutive year.



Like every year, the race emphasized the importance of respecting the environment to enable an enjoyable future for cycle tourism.

Far from the concept of competition and classifications, the Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara event shares the passion for cycling and values of companionship.


📷Martí Milla


On a cloudy and somewhat rainy morning, for the first time in this race, three distances were disputed to adapt to the conditions of amateur cyclists at all levels:


GRAN FONDO, with a route of 189 km and 3,200 m of positive elevation.

GRAN FONDO, with 133 km and 2,450 m of positive height difference.

GRAN FONDO, with 90 km and 1,600 m of positive height difference.


📷Martí Milla


Thousands of cyclists started at 07:15 h from Fira Reus. The first obstacle for the three distances, “the Coll de la Mussara”, was a 10-kilometer timed section with constant slopes and 180º curves. The fastest time (28:35) was achieved by Raúl Turégano.


📷Martí Milla


From there, the race evolved through the three routes, crossing 20 towns in the Baix Bamp and El Priorat counties.


📷Martí Milla


The cyclists enjoyed the exceptional locations with endless mountains and vineyards, along the sea and the Natural Park of the Sierra del Montsant.


📷Martí Milla


With over 800 women, Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara became the race with the largest amount of female participation in Spain. The number of female cycling participants has significantly increased in recent years.


📷Martí Milla


In addition, the race included the presence of prominent athletes such as Haimar Zubeldia, Oscar Pereiro, Diego Tamayo, Chema Martinez and Claudia Galicia. An excellent cycling party with all the elements to celebrate five years of the Polar Gran Fondo La Mussara.


📷Cano Fotosports


The set up used was::

Startline: 6 meters
– 6 aerial antennas
– 2 side antennas
– 2 One4All 5.0 X4 PRO and Base

4 Intermediate points: 4 meters (Live results via FTP)
– 4 lateral antennas at each point
– 3 One4All 5.0 X4 Base and 1 One4All 5.0 X4 PRO (one in each point)

Finish Line: 4 meters
– 4 aerial antennas
– 2 side antennas
– 2 One4All 5.0 X4 PRO and Base


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