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APP World Tour in London, a New Challenge for Macsha

Last weekend we took on a new challenge with our UK partner, Race Timing Solutions, at the London SUP Open. With the help of App World Tour and City Paddle Festivals, a World Championship was combined with a great urban festival, resulting in an ideal day for both the spectators and participants.


The London SUP Open, the first edition of the App World Tour, took place on July 7th and 8th in the heart of one of the most iconic cities in the world.

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Elite participants of the Stand Up Paddleboard competed on the River Thames and Royal Docks.

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It was a great event with some of the most iconic backgrounds in the city, such as the Parliament, the London Eye, and most of the action from the Royal Docks.

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Clic N ‘Tag Ankle chips, placed on the arms of the participants, were used to time this event.

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To ensure that the participants place the chips correctly, for the next edition, we will use two dorsal chips per participant, each consisting of two chips we can read from.

Since both computers were too far away to use WiFi or cable, the transmission of data was done through FTP, updating every 15 seconds.

📸 APP World Tour

The event was featured live through Facebook and YouTube with live commentators on each day.

The set up used was:

2 One4All BASE x4 with two side antennas each on each side of the Red Bull floating bow.


Check out a summary of the 1st day in the following video:

It is the first time that this event was timed. The organisation wants to continue doing it, and nothing excites us more than to be a part of this fantastic competition!


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