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The Launch of Macsha Brasil 🚀🇧🇷

Macsha’s commitment to Latin America continues to increase the quality of sports events. We are pleased to announce the launch of MACSHA BRAZIL.


After several years, we met the challenges of the Brazilian market, but also saw the huge opportunity it presents. With our spirit and the hand of our local partner Joao, we officially launched the first Macsha representation in Curitiba city, Brazil!



Brazil is a country that lives sports like no other! A lot of sports events are organized every weekend, while the country recently hosted not only the World Cup but also the Olympic Games.



It is a mature market both in variety and participation in sports events, but it was in need of a timing company that is able to provide the best technology for these events.



Macsha Brazil will provide timing systems, chip printing and technical support locally and with competitive prices!



We celebrate the opening of the new office and workshop in Brazil, with exclusive discounts for the entire country! Contact us at


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