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Frequently Asked Questions by Timers

Preguntas Frecuentes

When you’re just starting, timing may seem complicated. And even when it doesn’t seem so, we all know that a thousand questions appear in the middle of an event.


Hi everyone, I’m Super Timer, and if you’re here it’s because you have concerns. You probably want to time perfectly, which makes me happy! I’ll answer five frequently asked questions about timing with UHF technology here.



Atletismo - GIFMANIA


1. When should I use a backup line?

It depends on the sport and the number of participants, but in general, with starts and finish lines where there are big masses of runners, it’s always advisable to install at least one backup line and separate it from the main line 5 meters. For intermediate points, if we want to reinforce the reading area, we can use a floor antenna and enhance it with a pair of lateral antennas on each side. The antennas should be pointing at 45º in the direction of the circulation of runners.


2. How can I correctly maintain the systems?

The most important thing is to take care of the systems. It’s essential to ensure that equipment, cables and antennas don’t suffer from falls; check that the connections are in a good condition; keep the material clean and tidy: fold cables well; not put weight on the material and store it in places without humidity and extreme temperatures. If you’re not going to use the equipment for a while, keep the batteries charged and make sure it’s properly turned off. If you have any doubts regarding the proper functioning of the material, send it to the technical service for review.


3. Can vehicles pass over the floor antennas?

The antennas are designed to withstand the passage of bicycles and light vehicles. In case you have to pass over with a larger vehicle, such as an ambulance or a van, you should pass at reduced speed and with great care. Even like that, the antennas can suffer damage, so it’s recommended to fold them, which is fast and easy.


4. What kind of PC is necessary for the installation of RUFUS?

If you’re going to buy a PC, one that currently has an I5 processor with at least 4GB of memory works well. What’s more important than the power of the PC is that it’s used exclusively for timing. That’s mainly because a PC that’s used for everything is more prone to viruses and it could have unnecessary programs that could affect the performance of both the PC and the timing software.


5. I have doubts about Rufus’ functionalities…
My recommendation is to practice as much as possible before the events and use the actual race configuration. Don’t forget to check all of our manuals and support material:


How do you feel now? Once you have the information, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, right? Go for it Timer 💪


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