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Mach7 arrived in Spain!

Carreras de Motor

Last month we installed Mach7 in the Circuit ParcMotor, located in Castellolí, Barcelona province, Spain, for the first time. The most sophisticated and precise timing system in the world, specially designed for timing competitive high-speed events such as motor racing, is already a reality on the Iberian Peninsula #WeTimeEverything


Welcome, Cellnex and Parcmotor Castellolí to the revolution of motor timing!

In December, Juan Alcalá-Galiano (Business Development Manager) and Matías Susco (Operations & Technology) visited the Parcmotor Castellolí, an establishment dedicated to motorcycling and motorsport. Although its principal objective is the training of pilots, the institution also serves to host competitions.


Parcmotor Castellolí


What was our agenda?

  • Pre-checks to verify the operation of the old loops of the circuit
  • Advice to define the installation of a new loop
  • Software training for Mach 7: Race Manager and RUFUS Racing (Beta)
  • Live timing on our server




What about you Timer? Have you heard about Mach7? It’s the most accurate and available timing system today, which is able to measure with a 1/10000 sec resolution for more than 500 km/h.


Macsha Motor


Mach7 works with transponders, which are placed in the vehicle. The transponder signal is captured by Mach7 and sent to a computer where it’s stored in the Race Manager software or RUFUS Racing (Beta). With its hybrid protocol, the Mach7 system is also compatible with transponders of other brands, with the ability to use both transponders in a parallel way. After this, the information can be sent to different devices from the computer, such as printers, displays, scoring screens and more.

Oh, and before we forget: it’s without fees, for life! The transponders of Mach7, unlike other systems, don’t have any type of annual fee, while the internal battery is replaceable by the user, in all cases.



It’s time for you to discover Mach7, the most accurate

timing system on the market.

You won’t regret it!