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Nithin: From Intern at Macsha Barcelona to Macsha India Manager 🚀

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Every year, Macsha welcomes and mentors interns from universities from all over the world. For future leaders, internships are their first work experience and an entrance to the professional world. This experience is a source of inspiration for many young people and represents an opportunity to face challenges, work as a team and demonstrate their skills.


In today’s blog, we present Nithin, an intern who worked at Macsha Barcelona. He didn’t let his experience be just an anecdote; he turned it into a reality in his home country. Find out more about his experience:


1. How was your experience working at Macsha Barcelona as an intern?

My experience as an intern in Barça was amazing, as I was working in an office filled with young people from different parts of the world, who had so much enthusiasm and energy. It was a new environment for me, and the people at Macsha Barcelona made me feel comfortable every day!

Macsha Barcelona Team 2017


2. After your experience in Barcelona, what motivated you to open Macsha India?  

I wanted to create an office similar to Macsha Barcelona 😉 . Since I’ve always wanted to work in the sports industry in India, this looked like the perfect opportunity to use my acquired skills and knowledge I obtained during my studies in engineering, management and business.


3. What does it mean to work and be responsible for Macsha India for you today?

It means big responsibilities, handling pressure from different sources and making the business happen!

Macsha India


4. Which type of events do you time? Which was the most important race you timed? Tell us about timing, the timing systems used and what was necessary to get impeccable results?

We have timed all types of endurance events like national 5K races, big full marathons, ultrarunning events, MTB races, road cycling races, open water swimming competitions, triathlons and roller skating races.

The most important race we timed was the National Inter-University Cross Country championship, and also the National Juniors Open Water Swimming championship, for which athletes from all over India came to participate in. Timing is the most important part of the race, and also the trickiest. Macsha’s timing systems are very easy to use and very reliable for timing endurance events. The most important things to get impeccable results are the understanding of the technology, the analysis of the race and to be at the event site on the day of the race before anyone else is.

India Timing


5. What are the Macsha India goals for 2019?

The goals for 2019 are: to get 4-6 new Macsha timers in different parts of India and to time some of the most important races in the region.



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