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Enduro del Verano 2019: The Biggest Motorcycle Event in the World

The most recent “Enduro del Verano” took place from February 22nd until the 24th, at km 408 of Route 11. This year, thousands of spectators were present and an attendance record was set. For the 13th year in a row, Macsha Argentina was in charge of timing this event.


Over the past years, the competition has gained international relevance. Nowadays, ‘Enduro del Verano’ is one of the biggest and most important races in the world.

It’s a unique event due to many of its characteristics. The best national and international drivers, as well as the most important brands, gather. A loyal audience of 130,000 people was present, and a record attendance of more than 1,300 drivers was set. On top of that, about 400 quads and over 800 motorcycles participated in this edition.



The Timing

The timing was done at the finish line with two One4All 5’s (a PRO with 4 ports and a BASE with 8 ports).



There were 8 aerial antennas and 4 lateral antennas installed on the arch at the finish line. For the intermediate point, we used a One4All PRO with 4 ports and 4 lateral antennas.



More than 20,000 readings were registered during the entire weekend. The times were broadcasted online throughout the event.

What was new at this event was the use of Zapper during the chip control. Every vehicle was checked before entering the closed park.


“Enduro del Verano” special broadcast by ESPN

The ESPN TV channel especially broadcasted this event in Argentina. Have you seen it yet? Find the motorcycle edition here:



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