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New Macsha Swim Installation in Kazakhstan

Macsha Swim Kazajistán

On your marks, get set… Swim! ERTIS OLYMPIC’s pool is now ready to begin their official swimming competitions. Pablo Maccarone (co-founder & CEO) and Emiliano Bella (engineer responsible for Macsha Swim at Barcelona) travelled to Pavlodar, Kazakhstan to install Macsha Swim systems.

The pool at ERTIS OLYMPIC centre was opened in December last year. It is the training centre for the international Olympic reserve “Bulat Bakauov”. This sports facility is also accessible to the public for international competitions.

Besides athletics, swimming has been the Olympic symbol since the first modern Olympics of Athens in 1896. Macsha’s Swim system is ready to time one of the Olympic’s most representative sports.

Did you know that Kazakhstan is the 9th biggest country in the world? The most popular sports in this country are football, basketball, ice hockey, bandy, and boxing. However, swimming keeps increasing in popularity, and our systems are there to support that growth. Kazakhstan was also the last Olympic’s champion in the 200 meters breaststroke category. The professional swimmer Dmitriy Baladin set this record.

We installed the Macsha Swim during our stay in Kazakhstan. Macsha Swim is a high-quality timing system for swimming events that can be adjusted to any pool. After the installation was done, we showed our partners how to do maintenance and reparations. Finally, we trained the person responsible for the pool to operate the system.


Our touchpads are built in 3 different sizes that adjust to every pool dimension. They come with type “L” grips. These grips can be installed on almost all types of pool edges.


Macsha Swim is a system designed and manufactured under the FINA requirements. It is built with the same sensors and materials used by leading systems. Unlike the rest, Swim is accessible to small sports clubs and local organisations. However, it is perfectly suitable to use in large events. Find out more about the system’s specifications here.

Both our system and touchpads have been part of 2 FINA swimming championships. The first one was the Latvian Open Championship. The second event was the National Open Championship of Slovenia and the classification event for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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