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United Arab Emirates: A New Market for Macsha Swim

Macsha Swim Emiratos

The expansion of Macsha and its Swim products continues. Being constantly on the move and in search of new markets, brought our timing systems to different parts of the world. Macsha’s current goals are bringing our technology to new regions and strengthening our position in the existing ones. A new market has been opened for Macsha Swim, and we’re happy to face this new challenge.

This time, Pablo Maccarone (co-founder and CEO) and Juan Alcalá-Galiano (Business Development Manager) travelled to Sharjah, a city in the United Arab Emirates. They partnered with the city’s Sports Council, who are experts in LED technology and sports equipment. Together, they installed our timing system for pools for the first time in this country.

Three Swim systems and 60 touchpads in total were installed on three different pools.  We also held a training session about the hardware and software of our system. In this way, we guaranteed the Swim’s successful debut in the upcoming swimming competitions.

What is the highlight of the Macsha Swim system?

Our system’s highlight is the price-quality ratio. We use the same sensors for the touchpads, and the same high-precision timing watches the competition uses. The difference is, their systems are ten times more expensive.

Can any Macsha Timer start timing swimming events with the Macsha Swim?

Of course, although it’s not very common. Usually, the ones who purchase Macsha Swim are sports clubs, federations, and swimming leagues. They use our timing systems for their competitions and training sessions.

The system

Macsha Swim was designed and manufactured according to FINA requirements. It’s built with the same sensors and materials used by leading systems. Unlike the rest, Macsha Swim is accessible to small sports clubs and local organisations. However, it’s also perfectly suitable to be used in large events.

The system has two main components. The first one is the Central Unit, which is responsible for timing the race and organising all the information. The second main component is the Lane Unit used to register the times in the pools. Three items are connected to the main components: the touchpads, the backup push buttons, and the starting sensors. Finally, the Start Unit is the item responsible for starting the race.

The most important thing for us is the further development of sports technology. The question is: what will Macsha produce next?

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