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Macsha Touchpads in the Buenos Aires 2018 YOG Pools

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From the 6th till the 18th of October 2018, Argentina hosted one of the biggest multi-sport events in history: the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Months after this remarkable event, the installations are being used again to hold the country’s official competitions. Macsha’s technology is there to guarantee flawless timing results.

Buenos Aires 2018 YOG was a first-class international event for young athletes between the age of 15 and 18. This event had an educational and cultural purpose. The main objective was to promote Olympic values amongst the youth. On this occasion, Argentina welcomed more than 4,012 athletes from 206 different countries.

Swimming pools – Parque Olímpico Buenos Aires

The question is: what happens to the stadiums, villas, tracks, pools, and other sports facilities that were built for the Olympic Games once they are over? In a lot of countries, they are just not used anymore. This has been the case since the Olympics in Berlin in 1936 until the Olympics in Athens in 2004, including the Winter Olympics at Sarajevo and Cortina d’Ampezzo. All sports facilities were abandoned and left to deteriorate.

Since 1936, the Olympic Games venues have been abandoned by the countries that built them. The Olympic torch sparkle and the silver and bronze of each medal have all faded with time.

Podiums, stadiums, pools, ramps and villas, they all suffered from deterioration. Often, even though there was a large investment, cities don’t take full advantages of the commercial and sports potential of these facilities.

However, there are also cases like Barcelona. This city continues to use each stadium for national and international competitions, concerts, races, etc. The Olympic Games have transformed Barcelona and the life of its citizens.

In Argentina, the Parque Olímpico de la Juventud in Villa Soldati was the chosen location to build two pools for swimming and diving competitions. They have a cutting-edge, high-performance sports infrastructure that complies with the highest world standards in sports equipment. Nowadays, these installations are used for official national competitions. Macsha’s Touchpads are present to provide flawless timing results.

Macsha designs and manufactures the Swim system according to FINA’s requirements. The system is built with the same sensors and materials used by leading systems. Unlike the rest, Macsha Swim is accessible to small sports clubs and local organizations. However, it is also perfectly suitable to be used in large events like this one. 😀

FENABA (Swimming Federation of Buenos Aires) bought ten Touchpads to replace the Colorado systems they were using before. Last month, we traveled all the way to Parque Olímpico de la Juventud to install them. Competitions began on that same day.

Three of the most important Federations in Argentina already trust in our technologies: FENADO, FENABA, and the Swimming Federation of Córdoba.

The expansion of Macsha Swim products continues, and we are very happy about that!

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