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Great Debut: Rio 2019 Marathon Timed with Macsha Systems!

Maratona do Rio

A unique and unforgettable event! Loads of runners, taking part in one of the most beautiful races in Latin America, have gone beyond their limits. A team of 10 Timers and a total of 35 thousand participants obtained their times with our systems for the first time.

The Rio Marathon brings together thousands of people each year, including professional marathon runners, amateur runners, and spectators. The Marathon and the city’s well-known carnival, which takes place at the beginning of the year, are two of the most crowded events.

Rio 2019 Marathon
Rio 2019 Marathon

The route goes through the famous beaches, continues to the west part of the city and finishes in the Aterro do Flameng. It is considered an “easy” race by experts because there is no significant difference in height. At the same time, it is considered “hard” due to the heat and humidity suffered by the runners. Fortunately, this event takes place in winter.

Rio 2019 Marathon
Photo: Maratona do Rio Oficial

Apart from the main Marathon, two other races were held simultaneously as part of the event: the Half Marathon of the City of Rio de Janeiro, starting at the Barra da Tijuca; and the 6 km race, which was held at the Aterro do Flamengo.

How did we time this huge event?

We did the following:

Half Marathon

  • At the start line, we set up 3 lines of 8-metre ground antennas + 6 One4All5 BASE systems.
  • We set two intermediate control points with 2 lines of 4-metre ground antennas and two One4All5 PRO for each intermediate point.
  • At the finish line, we set up 3 lines of 8-metre ground antennas connected to 6 One4All BASE


  • The start and finish line were located in the same place for this race, so 3 lines of 8-metre ground antennas were connected to 6 One4All BASE.
  • We used two ground antenna lines for three 4-metre control points and connected them to 6 One4All PRO.

Macsha Brasil
Macsha Brazil

We congratulate Matías Susco, our expert Timer and Head of Support from Argentina, who has travelled there to be part of this great event. Congratulations to the team that was working with him in timing such a famous race as Rio de Janeiro Marathon. A total of 10 people has been working non-stop during and after the race to ensure perfect results. Thanks to Global Cronometragem and SportCrono for trusting Macsha systems. 

We are very happy for this great debut, and looking forward to what’s coming 😀!

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