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Growing with Macsha: ECOS

Timer Argentina: ECOS

We had the opportunity to talk to our Timer ECOS, who manages and times big events in Argentina. The company is dedicated to the planning, production and administration of their own sports and recreative events and those of their clients.

We present ECOS, one of our main Timers in Argentina:


1. Tell us a bit about ECOS. What types of events does your team organize? Introduce the team you work with daily to achieve impeccable results.

At Ecos, we have a passion for making things simple even when they seem complicated. We strive to provide sports services that allow our clients not to worry about any aspect of the management. This is why we put together a great team of experts:  Leonardo Giuliani, who has an MBA in Sport Management and Rafael Cataldi, who is a Systems Engineer.

2. What can you tell us about the beginnings of ECOS? Why did you decide to use Macsha systems? What is the biggest benefit of our technology for you?

Timer Argentina: ECOS

ECOS started as a producer of sports events developing its own product in running races. The growth these races had brought us closer to other producers requiring our services and thus we began to pass on our Know-How to other organizers.

We had to professionalize our management and we decided to use Macsha’s timing systems because we had the best experience with your systems in many events, because of your support in the initial stage and your position in the market. Macsha is our strategic partner that we can rely on permanently.

3. What is the most important event you have ever timed? Tell us about timing that race, the timing systems you used, and what was necessary to obtain 100% efficiency.

Timer Argentina: ECOS

All events are important to us as we are fully committed to helping our clients with everything they need. The first events we created were small, but they were such a learning experience for us. We challenged ourselves in timing events with thousands of participants who ran different distances (individually and in pairs). For two years, we have been timing EcoTrail Challenge Argentina, Killer Race, DIM Corre, in some municipalities such as José C. Paz, Marcos Paz and some countries/private neighbourhoods, such as San Diego and Praderas de Luján.

4. What are your plans for the future? What do you think about the future of races and the need for technology in these kinds of events?

At Ecos, we always think about the future. We think that running has grown a lot in our country and that it will grow more. That’s why I genuinely believe that being professional in management and innovation is essential to survive in this industry. This year we added a powerful tool that will grow in the future. It’s called Eventols and it’s an extra service allowing online registration with different payment methods, accreditations in kits delivery including stock control of shirts and products, and the publication of results with the arrival video and the finisher certificate.

5. We know that having fun is an important part of timing a race. What does ECOS do during and after events to have fun?

Timer Argentina: ECOS

Having fun is part of the job. However, stressful moments can happen in every event. Later on, when you overcome the challenges these moments become stories you proudly talk about.

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