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What’s new: One4All 5 firmware update 1.2

What’s new: One4All 5 firmware update 1.2

The all new version 1.2 of the One4All firmware brings several new features and improvements inside. We will tell you everything new, and how you can get the most out of it.

For more information on how to update the firmware of your One4All to the latest available version visit the following link.

Changes on the One4All UI

We have adjusted the information on the HOME screen of the One4All control panel. Now you will be able to see the last 25 passings of the current session with their respective chip, time and passing number, as well as different information related to remote transmissions.

To clear the main view, we have moved the activation of several functions to other screens.

Buzzer activation has been moved to the SETTINGS screen.

And the activation of the sending to FTP folder and to the LYNX server -PRO versions only- has been moved to the NETWORK screen.

On the BACKUP screen, we have added security to prevent accidental deletion of backup files.

New protocol, old protocol

On the recommendation of our Timers, we have decided to separate the last modification we made in our data protocol in a new subversion, thus maintaining the 3.0 protocol as it was originally and adding the modification in the PASSINGS format in a new protocol version, the 3.1.

You can change the protocol version in the SETTINGS -> PROTOCOL screen.

For more information on the latest protocol changes, visit the following link.

To have in mind 🤓

– If you use RUFUS Desktop as timing software, it is indistinct for you, both version 3.0 and 3.1 are compatible.

RUFUS Cloud it’s here!

It is now possible to link your One4All with your RUFUS Cloud account and time remotely! In these times it is almost inconceivable to think in something that isn’t connected to the cloud, the One4All could not be less.

From now on, as long as your system has connectivity, it will send the times to the cloud and you can access and consult them from anywhere in the world in real time.

To link your One4All with the cloud, go to the CLOUD screen and enter the binding token.

Press the button “bind” and it’s done!

The One4All is now linked to your cloud account permanently.

How to get the binding token?

To generate the binding token you must first create your RUFUS Cloud account. In the following blog note: RUFUS Cloud arrived! There we explain in more detail and tell you how you can get the most out of your RUFUS Cloud account.

How do I send the times of a current live session to RUFUS Cloud?

The old “PUSH TO CLOUD” was removed and now you don’t have to do anything. If your One4All is linked and has an internet connection, then with each timing session it will create a cloud session where to store the data. You do not have to worry about activating the cloud storage, it will always be active! 📡

Can I send the times of a past session (backup) to RUFUS Cloud?


With your linked One4All, a new button will appear on the BACKUP screen: “send to cloud”. To send any backup file to the cloud, simply select the file and press the “send to cloud” button.

To check the status of the upload, i.e. the number of passings sent successfully, go to the HOME screen and press the “refresh” button, in the CLOUD box you can see the count of passings sent successfully to the cloud.

To have in mind 🤓

– From this update it will be very useful that your One4All is always connected to the cloud, for that, we recommend using a portable 4G hotspot, such as the Huawei LTE E5573 Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Router

– Once you press the “stop” button or end the timing session in any way, the One4All stops all sending action and empties all data buffers, so always make sure that the data transmission to the cloud It has been completed before the end of the chrono session.

– If you are a One4All PRO user and you use the “YOUR CLOUD” function, keep in mind that if you bind the One4All with RUFUS Cloud you will no longer be able to use this functionality since the One4All will send the times to a single cloud.

Version 1.2 of the One4All firmware is filled with news, we hope this blog note has helped you understand everything new and always remember that if you have any questions or concerns you can write to our technical support