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What kind of Timer are you?

When you are at the beginning of timing any sporting event, you learn not only that each event is a great challenge in your career, but also what it’s to work under pressure until the last minute when you send an email with the subject: Final Classification.

Each person has an individual personality, each Timer is different and does not react the same to the same stimulus. But if something is clear to all of us is that if we don’t have time, there is no timing, and without timing, there is no competition.

In today’s blog, we will talk about the famous Enneagram. An ancient Greek instrument that defines personality. Supporters of this theory believe that learning about the type of things that one attends to and devotes energy can usually give us more knowledge about ourselves. Later, by improving this knowledge, you can start making better choices about your own behaviour instead of repeating the same thoughts, emotions and behave automatically, habitually and unconsciously (Palmer, The Enneagram, Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life, pp. 26-35).

This theory recognizes 9 types of personalities: perfectionist, assistant, achiever, individualist, observer, collaborative, enthusiastic, leader and conciliator.

Here is a brief description of each one of those personalities adapted for the world of timing:

1. Perfectionist

This Timer is structured in the monitoring and organisation of the event. While conducting the perfectionist is following the rules and how it is supposed to be. Responds positively to tasks with a high degree of responsibility.

2. Assistant

The main character trait of this timer is sociability. When a conflict occurs, that person will be dedicated to resolving it. This is perfect for timing because that timer responds with a high degree of sociability to the claims or incidents of some participants after a race.

3. Fulfilment

The fulfilment type of Timers loves to achieve their goals. They are passionate and excited about their achievements. Similarly to the video game players, these types of timers are used to organizing their activities according to goals.

4. Individualist

This Timer is a lone wolf who has learned not to depend on third parties to finish the tasks. Individualists need to isolate themselves and focus on their own. If there is something he does not like to be is to be sociable with the participants.

5. Observer

Suitable for analyzing situations with different points of view. However, the autonomy that this Timer needs to think, makes him lonely and away from conventional schemes.

6. Collaborative

The collaborative Timer enjoys mainly interaction and working in teams. This person is friendly and accurate with the organizers and as well as the participants of each race. This personality type is always willing to help everyone around them. Even if  for example, they are in the middle of a classification.

7. Enthusiast

The enthusiast tends to focus only on the positive aspects. This same energy with which these timers perform tends to make them lose sight of the main goals. This type of person are a good team worker with a helpful personality, since they can bring the best of their qualities.

8. Leader

The leader has an active personality and has a strong character to control and defend the members of his team. This person is proactive and makes decisions for himself. Also takes the initiative to coordinate each process to ensure there are no failures and knows how to delegate.

9. Conciliator

This timer is empathic by nature, understands the points of view and can make a selection between different ideas. That is perfect for conflict resolution and makes a good  team with any other personality. The conciliators do not seek personal glory, since their satisfaction derives directly from the success of the company or from the group scope.

Now that you know all the different personalities: What kind of Timer are you?