Product Update: Live Results

RUFUS Product Update

The results publication is here 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏾! Now RUFUS Cloud allows you to post online real-time rankings of all your races! 🥳

How do I create a new publication?

As you can see on the main screen, now the “Main Menu” has a new option: “Events“. When you click “Events” on the menu, you will see the welcome message next to the “New event” button. Click on “New event” to create your first results publication on the RUFUS Cloud.

The first thing to do with a new event is to set its name and year of edition. This way RUFUS will already assign a public URL where you can see the rankings.

Once the name and the edition have been defined,

We define the date and place of the event,

Then we specify the type of event,

We choose the image for the banner header of the event or we can also choose to use the default image,

In this case, we have chosen the following image for our event,

With the following combination of “dark” style, button colors and accent,

You can see a preview of the publication, with simulated results, by clicking on the “Theme preview” button. 

NOTE 🤓: The preview page is a static HTML and it’s not interactive, so filters and search are not activated.

Finally, we activate the diplomas download. This way, each competitor can generate and download their PDF event participation certificate with their official time and position.

Here you can see a preview of the diploma,

Why can’t I activate the diplomas? 😡🤬

If the option is disabled in your account it is because you have not yet invited any collaborators. Invite at least one collaborator from your organization to join your team in RUFUS Cloud and unlock the diplomas for all your events!

To finish with the event set up, press the button “Save”.


Well, we have already set up our first results publication in RUFUS Cloud. You will notice that we have not defined participants or races, not even check-points or categories… So…

So… What about rankings?

Think of the events defined in RUFUS Cloud as empty result containers, embellished and ready to receive the rankings. All the magic happens in the RUFUS Desktop 😎

Why do double work, right? If we use RUFUS Desktop for the timing then the event has already been defined, all we have to do now to publish the results online is to link it with its container in the Cloud…

RUFUS Desktop 0.1.3

RUFUS Desktop already allowed us to connect with our timing devices in the Cloud and thus receive the times immediately from anywhere in the world. Now, as of release 0.1.3, it also allows us to publish the rankings in the Cloud with just one click.

🤓 Make sure to update your version of RUFUS Desktop to the latest available 0.1.3.

Once you have set it all up and your event is beautiful and in the Cloud, follow the next steps to send the rankings to the cloud:

1. Log in with your Cloud account and open the .ror of the event

In our case, we will upload the results of the RUFUS Run 4 Fun 2019 event, so we open the “RUFUS Run 4 Fun 2019.ror” file located on our PC.Link the local event with the Cloud event 

2. In the “Print-Export” tab we find a new option “Publish at RUFUS Cloud”.

We click the button to select the event in the Cloud.

A list with all our events defined in the Cloud will be displayed and there we select the matching one, in this case, it is “RUFUS Run 4 Fun 2019”

Press “Select“. We can then see the event selected in the menu next to the “Update at RUFUS Cloud” button.

Done! The local event in RUFUS Desktop is already linked to the Cloud event. Now, just every time we want to update the online rankings we must press the “Update at RUFUS Cloud” button. You will see the notifications,

And voilá! The final results – or partial ones – are now available online for everyone.

You can post as many times as you want and make real-time updates of your event!

To see the results publication of this example click the following link:


The results publication is set to be displayed perfectly 😍 in almost any resolution, smartphone, tablet or PC.

Day of the Event: LIVE!

On the day of the event, with the publication of the first results, the LIVE badge will appear in the event header.

What data will be published?

The data that is synchronized from RUFUS Desktop with the Cloud are: bib, name, race time, general position, gender and category position, pace, time of each checkpoint, time of day and general position at that checkpoint. Also club, city and country data if available.

How to add the results on my website?

If you want to insert the results of RUFUS Cloud on your own website or on the event page, simply click on the “<>” button which is next to the event publication link to display the code on IFRAME.

🤓IFRAME is an HTML element that allows you to insert or embed an HTML file within a main HTML document.


Click on the “QR” button to display the QR code of the event publication so you can share the link quickly!

What happens while there are no results?

While there are no results, the event page looks something like this,

How do I hide a ranking?

Click on the “Hide results” option below the link to the event and then on the “Save” button. This way you can hide the publication of results at any time you need.

How to make corrections in the publication?

If you need to correct any information, category, name or time, simply correct it in RUFUS Desktop and update the online rankings again by pressing the “Update at RUFUS Cloud” button in the “Print-Export” menu.


We hope this article has helped you understand all the potential you can obtain in your events using the RUFUS application suite. 

Always remember that if you have any doubt you can consult our knowledge base in the following link or write to our technical support