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Growing up with Macsha: Adrenaline Time

Macsha Timer: Adrenaline Time

This time, we had the opportunity to speak with another of our main Timers in Argentina: Adrenaline Time. A young and avant-garde company, innovators in technology applied to sport and leaders on a large scale in terms of sports timing by chip.

1. Tell us a bit about Adrenaline Time. What types of events does your team organize? Introduce the team you work with daily to achieve impeccable results.

Adrenaline Time emerged 4 years ago as an event organizing company and provider of integral services to organizers. After a while, we managed to develop in the area of ​​timing technology with high-quality standards.

Our working team consists of 10 people, all highly skilled in their particular areas:

Hernan Paradiso, CEO – Timer

Mario Candia, Sports Manager – Timer

Luis Candia, Sports Manager – Timer

Maximiliano Perez, Specialized Technician – Timer

Nicolas Daruich – Timer

Emiliano Amalio – Timer

Hernan Kawanishi -Timer

Sebastian Costa – Timer

Agustina Caracciolo- Marketing

Susana Minasso – Sales

2. What can you tell us about the beginnings of Adrenaline Time? Why did you decide to use Macsha systems? What is the biggest benefit of our technology for you?

Initially, our goal was to find the right investment which can be used for different types of events. Over time we specialized in large-scale events, that is why we quickly found out that Macsha’s system is the perfect solution not only for equipment but also for technical support.

We had two years of constant learning before we could be able to consider us specialists in any type of event that needs to be timed. We have counted more than 8,000 km and traveled through our country by land and air. Now, we can confirm without any hesitation that they have been necessary for our customers to begin to notice our way of working and our technical capacity on the market. Macsha for our company offers the perfect solution that is in constant development to fit into the new timing standards. 

3. What is the most important event you have ever timed? Tell us about timing that race, the timing systems you used, and what was necessary to obtain 100% efficiency.

There are few events that we can define as important, among them are 42K Mar del Plata and NB 15K Buenos Aires. Both require a wide distribution of equipment to ensure the best results by timing more than 10,000 people in total from the two events.

Regarding the equipment, the deployment must be integral not only to cover the start/finish area but also the partial timing points necessary to ensure the results at each established timing point, which are controlled online.

In this case, 10 timing systems with their respective floor, side, and aerial antennas are set up. In some timing events, we have established strategic partners to deliver all timing technology.

Our Timers are highly trained in large-scale timing and also, they have technical knowledge.

4. What are your plans for the future? What do you think about the future of races and the need for technology in these kinds of events?

Our plan has always been to constantly revive to be able to experience good timing as well as to participate in several events in one day.

The future of the races is oriented to the online monitoring of each runner in any technology platform. This particular point is an area that our company has been developing for 2 years and that we consider in the long term can be for our customers an absolute news in our market.

5. We know that having fun is an important part of timing a race. What does Adrenaline Time do during and after events to have fun?

Our team shows on every timing event big professionalism but we also got professionals over time in our way of celebrating great results in timing. We simply decided to eat a great barbecue after each achievement!

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