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We say goodbye to an amazing 2019, and welcome to an exciting 2020!

Feliz Año Nuevo

2019 was a great year. We have learned a lot, had challenges and fun, this always drives us to move forward and go for more every day. We end this year happily, and move towards 2020 with a lot of motivation and new ideas!

What news did Macsha have this year? Here we let you know:

We add new Timers to our community. The Macsha Swim made an important leap globally. We open new Macsha offices so that our clients can access our technology and support in a faster and better way. We launched the Macsha Shop, buying our technology is now easier. RUFUS Cloud, our Timing Software, flies higher and higher and we can’t be happier for it. We scheduled a large number of events with Macsha technology and organized others such as #teambuildings for whom we form this beautiful family.

Below, we highlight the most important events of Macsha during 2019:


Big Debut: Rio Marathon 2019 Timed with Macsha Systems! 🏃🇧🇷

It has been a unique and inexplicable emotion! Thousands of runners participated in one of the most beautiful races in Latin America, progressing and exciting at every moment. A team of Timers of 10 people and around 30 thousand participants have obtained their time with our systems for the first time in the incredible city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Macsha technology in the Chapelco Tetrathlon 2019, the most important multidisciplinary competition in Argentina ⛷️🏊🏃🚣

Andes Cronos, one of our reference Timers in Argentina, timed for the 4th time the oldest and most important multidisciplinary career in the country. The circuits, the landscapes, the purity of the snow, the forest, the water of the lake and the surroundings of San Martín de Los Andes, made this race a unique competition, both for those who organized and timed it and for those who participated in it.

неМартовского Зайца – 2019 

The slopes of the Igora complex in St. Petersburg once again hosted this running 🏔️. Hundreds of participants ran 17km with a total drop of almost 900 meters. Our MyRace Timers successfully timed this cold event!

Unión 7 Lagos: The most beautiful cycling event in Argentina

This year, our Timer Andes Cronos timed the 8th edition of La Unión Siete Lagos, a cycling event that took place on the Route of the 7 Lakes, which connects the cities of Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andes. A great challenge for more than 1300 cyclists, with 3 modes with simultaneous departure: 110 km of road, 110 km of MTB and 50 km of MTB.

Thonnur Swimathon 2019 🏊🇮🇳

One of the main open water events in India. An ideal race for those participants who want to experience swimming in open water or prepare for a Triathlon, IRONMAN or international races. A great job of Macsha India Sports Timing! 💪

Summer Enduro 2019: The World’s Largest Motorcycle Event 

A new edition of the Enduro del Verano has been held from February 22 to 24, 2019, at km 408 Route 11. Record call, thousands of spectators, and for the 13th consecutive year, Macsha Argentina in charge of timing.

Macsha Technology at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019

Great news! For the first time, Macsha systems have been used to time water sports at one of the most important international competitions in the American continent: the Pan American Games. Our Timer Feviag-logic, who is a swimming timing specialist with extensive experience in water sports and international timing, has used Macsha technology at this big competition.


Undoubtedly, this has been the year of the Macsha Swim. However, we cannot deny that in these months we really lived everything 😱.

Take a look:

  • Mach7 arrived in Spain

In January we have made our first installation of Mach7 in the Circuit ParcMotor, located in the municipality of Castellolí, in the province of Barcelona, Spain. The most sophisticated and precise timing system in the world, specially designed for the timing of competitive high-speed events such as motor racing, is already a reality in the Iberian Peninsula. Learn more here.

  • New Installation of the Macsha Swim in Kazakhstan 

Ready, set… Swim! The ERTIS OLYMPIC pool has been using Macsha Swim in its swimming pools since March, where official swimming competitions are held. Macsha’s team has travelled to Pavlodar province in Kazakhstan, to perform the installation and commissioning of the system. Learn more here.

  • Arab Emirates: A New Market for the Macsha Swim 

The expansion of the Macsha Swim brand and its products continues. Searching for new markets and being in constant motion has made us travel and expand our timing systems to different parts of the world. Taking our technology to new regions and strengthening our position in existing ones, is our constant goal. A new market opened this year for the Macsha Swim and we are very happy about it. Learn more here.

  • Macsha Touchpads in the Pools of the JOJ Buenos Aires 2018 

From October 6 to 18, 2018, Argentina was the host of the largest multisport celebration in its history: the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires. Months after this great event, the facilities began to be reused for official competitions in the country and Macsha technology has come there to stay and ensure impeccable times. Learn more here.

  • Macsha Badges

Thanks to the success and participation of all Macsha Timers in our Facebook group, this year we have launched the Macsha Badges. In order to recognize the work of each of them and help them grow as professionals in the market, we will begin to certify each Timer with a badge for the events they time and share in our Facebook group. Learn more here.

  • RUFUS badges

At the beginning of December we have exceeded 100 events published in RUFUS ☁️! and to celebrate it, we present a new badge: RUFUS Timing Expert. What do we look for with badges? Professionalize and make the work of our Timers more attractive. Learn more here.

  • RUFUS Cloud & Live Results

RUFUS Cloud is the Run On Rufus cloud platform that allows you to host all your timing sessions and times in the cloud. From this year, you can link your timing devices and send all the measured times to the cloud in real-time and then receive or consult them, also in real-time, from anywhere in the world instantly. But this has not been enough, we have also launched the publication of live results. RUFUS Cloud now allows you to publish real-time rankings of all your races online. Learn more here.

  • Macsha Shop 

We continue to offer new products to make the work of our Timers easier every day! This year we launched our online store, and we are the second manufacturer globally to have its own shop so you can place your orders quickly and check all products with just a few clicks. 


We continued to grow and reaffirm our commitment to America as a whole, with offices and local service in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and soon in the United States.

We added a new partner in Russia and Croatia, and new Timers in India.

We are already + of 270 Timers around the world!


The teamwork is fundamental in Macsha. We work hard in each area so that the quality of our products, our customer service and our support are available to you. We invite you to meet us:

Macsha Barcelona

Macsha Argentina

Macsha Brasil

Macsha India

Macsha USA

Partners UK – Race Timing Solutions

Partners Rusia – Potemkin

Partners Croacia – Stotinka

2020 Goals!

We have many goals, and only one at the same time: Continue to grow as a company and provide differential value to the exciting market of sports timing.

We are about to start the year 2020. The future has arrived a while ago, we know that. Daily, we are surrounded by constantly evolving systems that make our lives easier and connect us. Tasks that were previously complex to perform now can be done with just a click.

In sports, timing can not be different. We believe that new technologies have to bring the products closer to the user solving problems and simplifying tasks. We don’t believe something must be complex to be good.

That is why 2020 will be a year very focused on the user experience. We want to give you the most powerful, but also the most intuitive and easy to use tools. 

Making things easy is not a simple task, but there we go because someone had to do it 😉

Happy New Year! 🥂

Want to know how Macsha starts its 2020? 

In Running USA, this event that will take place from Sunday 9 to Tuesday 11 February in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Caesar’s Palace hotel and conference center. Come visit us and do not miss our news. We will wait for you! 🙂