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Top 5: The most exotic races timed with Macsha technology

Few feelings in life put us to the test or get us out of our comfort zone. If you are an athlete, you may want to consider taking your challenges to the next level. And if you are Timer, why not accepting the challenge of timing unusual races on your annual agenda?

The world evolves and the races, too. Today there are modalities that you probably did not imagine that will ever exist.

Here are five of the most exotic races we have timed in Macsha and only a few had the courage to participate:

1. International Equestrian Race

The most exotic races timed with Macsha technology

In November 2013, Macsha timed for the first time the Campeonato Internacional del Concurso Completo de Equitación, the most important event worldwide in horse riding competitions. An event that took place in Campo de Mayo in the cavalry regiment in Buenos Aires. It has been held since 1966, and from 1990 it is celebrated in the framework of the World Equestrian Games. For the timing were used the MT-ANKLE chips. They were placed in the “Bridle” (strap), one on each side. The results? 100% effective 🙂

2. Red Bull 400 Courchevel 2018

The most exotic races timed with Macsha technology

1000 warriors have conquered the toughest race in the world. That occasion was timed by our Timer with Macsha technology. A race with a total distance of 400 meters, 36 degrees of slope, 185 meters of unevenness, and an altitude of 1300 meters.

3. APP World Tour in London

The most exotic races timed with Macsha technology

In 2018, we had a great challenge with our partner Race Timing Solutions: the London SUP Open. The first edition of the APP World Tour has been held in the heart of one of the most iconic cities in the world. There were elite participants of the Stand Up Paddleboard who competed on the River Thames and Royal Docks. To time this event, Click N ’Tag Ankle chips were used, placed in the arms of the participants and 2 One4All BASE x4 with 2 side antennas, each placed on each side of a floating arc.

4. Vertical Race of the Latin American Police and Firefighters Games

The discipline, tenacity, perseverance and strength of the firefighters and police forces were put to the test at the BBVA Mexico Tower. This was the home of the ‘Vertical Race’ during 2019 for Latin American Police and Fire Games. The event was held in the City of Mexico, from November 17 to 23. An individual pedestrian race with vertical travel, that started at the starting line and ascending the 50 Floors through stairs.

5. Phuket’s Miles and Sport Diving World Cup 2019

The most exotic races timed with Macsha technology

In 2019, the Macsha Swim was used for the first time in the World Sports Diving Competition in Thailand. Have you ever heard of it? This is an underwater sport that uses an open circuit recreational diving equipment and consists of a set of individual and team events. These events are carried out in a swimming pool where they assess the competitors’ competition in recreational diving techniques. The sport was developed in Spain at the end of the 1990s and currently, it is mostly practised in Europe.

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