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Growing up with Macsha: TEMPS

We are beginning 2020 with a TEMPS interview, one of our main Timers in southern Argentina. TEMPS is a young company in the world of timing, which quickly adapted to the needs of this market. Although they were already part of it as organizers, for almost two years, and during that time, they have been responsible for ensuring impeccable results.

1. Tell us a bit about TEMPS. What types of events does your team organize? Introduce the team, the daily work that helps you to achieve impeccable results.

At TEMPS, we started in March 2018, basically working on our events. We acquire the equipment that is suitable for Running, Trail, MTB, and Combined Testing events that we organize. From there, we were known and recommended by other organizers as providers of timing service. Our team is composed of David Lodeiro and Diego Rodríguez and Brenda Jonke and Silvia Gutierrez who work together.

2. What can you tell us about the beginnings of TEMPS? Why did you decide to use Macsha systems? What is the most significant benefit of our technology for you?

We decided to use Macsha for the price and quality of the equipment. Also, we received some comments from other Timers, now colleagues, who already were using this technology. As a benefit, we see that the team is adaptive to any discipline. In the past year and a half, we have worked in all the sports and activities that required our services, including a Local Riding Tournament.

Macsha Timer: TEMPS

3. What is the most significant event you have ever timed? Tell us about timing that race, the timing systems you used, and what was necessary to obtain 100% efficiency.

Luckily we have been part of several significant events in terms of the number of participants. The biggest one though is the Argentine Youth Cycling Championship that took place in February in the City of Viedma (Rio Negro). This event consisted of three working days. The first was the individual time trial where 60 Cyclists started, and we had 100% effectiveness in chip reading. In the following days were platoon races with category starts, some with more than 100 cyclists. We used the Click N ‘Tag Chip attached to the fork of the bicycles.

Macsha Timer: TEMPS

4. What are your plans for the future? What do you think about the future of races and the need for technology for these kinds of events?

We are aware that we now have more requests to participate in third-party events in the future. At the equipment level, we are satisfied with what we have acquired since we can time all the events for which we are asked.

5. We know that having fun is an important part of timing a race. What is TEMPS doing during and after events to have fun?

Macsha Timer: TEMPS

Being at a sports event itself is already exciting!. What we do is try to spend time with the organizers who listen to us and rely on our opinion. We can tell them our thoughts about the work they allocated to us. However, it is best to be relaxed but attentive to the circumstances that may arise during an event. After the event, which for us is after the awards giving, we have brief feedback with the team and with the organizers, and then we head to the city center. We also use our work as an opportunity to travel and explore.

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