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Growing up with Macsha: Timing Chip

Today is time to interview Timing Chip, one of our main Timer in Chile. A company dedicated to electronic timing for sporting events, such as a marathon, mountain bike, road cycling, triathlon, downhill, and more.

Please read the following interview and meet Timing Chip 🙂

1. Tell us a bit about TIMING CHIP. What types of events does your team organize? Introduce the team, the daily work that helps you to achieve impeccable results.

We are a passionate team about sport, and we do our work with a lot of passion and great professionalism. Everything was born due to the needs of our activities as organizers of sporting events, starting the Pyme Timing Chip. Our team is formed by Eduardo Carita, Rodrigo Tapia, Felipe Tapia, Leonardo Valdes Maximiliano Tapia, Karina Aliste, Daniela Reyes, and Rodrigo Tapia P. Each of them has an important role, and they are passionate about what they do. Our main events are MTB cycling, DH, and Downhill.

Macsha Timer Timing Chip

2. What can you tell us about the beginnings of TIMING CHIP? Why did you decide to use Macsha systems? What is the most significant benefit of our technology for you?

We start timing events with hand chronometer and with an Excel with a macro. We still remember it with much joy!

In Macsha, we find that they have a constant development of their equipment. We contacted each other, they gave us all their support, and they clarified many doubts we had. As a result, we acquired the system.

We feel very safe with Macsha for their support and because we always receive news about improvements, products, and useful recommendations.

3. What is the most significant event you have ever timed? Tell us about timing that race, the timing systems you used, and what was necessary to obtain 100% efficiency.

For us, all events are important and make us very happy when the client and the organizer are satisfied with it. One of the last we had, with a lot of pressure, was an ICU “Race XCM Arica.” An event of high pressure as international athletes from several countries participate, and everything has to work very accurately and without a margin of error. So finally, it was a very successful event!

4. What are your plans for the future? What do you think about the future of races and the need for technology for these kinds of events?

Macsha Timer Timing Chip

We plan to continue with our goals. Mainly, professionalizing the sport even more with technology, sporting events are continually growing, and we have to deliver the best. The constant development of Macsha is very important since this certainly gives us security and confidence.

5. We know that having fun is an important part of timing a race. What is TIMING CHIP doing during and after events to have fun?

During the event, we are always very focused on our roles. Once finished, we get together and celebrate with a tasty barbecue and talking about the race and how we enjoy the race. Many jokes involved, telling our anecdotes lived, and remembering how happy the athletes and our team were.

Macsha Timer Timing Chip

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