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10 tips to give your timing service a quality boost

10 Tips cronometraje

Increasing productivity as Timers may seem like an easy task, but nothing could be further away from the truth. It is about following guidelines and routines to fully exploit the tools we have today and thus be able to optimize them in the work we are doing. 

Discover what you could contribute to your timing expertise and give your work a boost:

1# Custom classification


Time with RUFUS, our cloud-based timing software. Compose your race classifications in a personalized way (by categories + race banner) and share dynamic and attractive results link with the participants!

2# The RUFUS Kiosk


Let’s be honest, there is no participant who does not want to check their time immediately after the race. This can lead to participants interrupting you in the middle of your work. With the RUFUS Kiosk you not only avoid moments like these. You also give the participants the possibility to take the ticket with their time home as a souvenir. Think about it!

3# Screens for sports competitions

Sporting events are quite a spectacle, not only because of the great sportsmen and women (the real protagonists) but also because of the enormous dimensions of the circuits, the fans who cheer for their favourite athletes, the tension of wanting to know who will finally be the winner… In order to deliver a 100% experience and for no one to miss even the smallest detail, we need to have a good audiovisual team to inform us at all times of what is happening. Or… why not play animations, logos of our sponsors, a countdown to the start of the race and everything you consider to give extra value to your event. 

Did you know that Macsha offers screens that can suit these needs? Check here:

4# Be active on social networks

It is undeniable that we are increasingly exposed to social media. There is no day where we do not invest time in it and that its influence is increasing by leaps and bounds. 

The management of social networks requires prior planning. There are many companies that underestimate its importance. They start creating accounts on different social networks and start sharing content randomly and aimlessly. One thing is for sure, social networks have great potential. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Active listening with our clients or participants
  • Customer service: today many people answer questions or request services through social networks
  • Branding: social networks are a good tool to define a logo and an aesthetic that identifies us and is related to our website
  • Web traffic: the increase in web traffic is another benefit offered by social networks. From the different network profiles, users can be redirected to our website, increasing the visits and thus the chance for an increase of brand awareness 
  • Segmentation: advertising through social networks is another advantage to take into account. Compared to traditional advertising media, it has a very low cost and a very wide reach. In addition, it allows you to segment your audience, transmitting your message to a very limited audience, and thus increasing the likelihood of offering advertising to people who may really be interested in your services.

5# Audiovisual service (photo and video)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to spreading our timing, a photo or video can do the job perfectly. Today there are no events where there are no photo or video services, where there is not one friend with his mobile phone taking photos, or someone who collaborates by taking pictures of that great event. Having good photos or videos not only helps us to be part of this new world where everything is instantaneous. Wherever you are in the world, you can follow any event from a distance without missing anything; but it is also of vital importance to use this audiovisual material in various areas: web pages, social networks, advertising, dissemination of our work, etc.

Tip: Try to have good quality photos of your events, you will see the results it generates 😉

6# Keeping the website up to date

The company’s website is similar to a cover letter. It talks about the company and our professionalism, so the main reason to have an updated website is to give an accurate image to our potential customers. We must not forget that the Internet is a huge source of information, so many customers make comparisons and analyze the services before making the consultation or recruitment. It is a place where we can share images of timed races, our latest news, tell our story, and much more. It is important that our contact details are always up to date since this is the way the client or interested party will be able to contact us. A failure of this kind will result in the unnecessary loss of potential clients. 

Tip: do not forget to post your events and experiences in our private Macsha Timers group on Facebook. Remember that every event counts and gets you one step closer to getting a new badge. Macsha badges are there for you to upload on your website. They bring prestige to your work, and having them on your website results in a profitable professional extra 🙂

Take a look to Cronomet website and their badges!

Macsha Badges

Have you won a Macsha badge and have doubts about the application to your website? Contact Flor (

7# Marketing

A great option today is to have a promotional video to spread in a clear and explicit way what we do and why we do. 

Tip: if you are willing to create a video that promotes us, we recommend doing so during an important race, show how we set up the systems, the time of departure, the participants in action, the first athlete to cross the finish line, etc.

Example: ECOS, one of our reference Timers in Argentina, has made a wonderful video about his work. Check it out here:

8# Customize MT-Foam chips with your company logo. 

Details that add up and make us different from others 🙂

Macsha Chips

9# Satisfaction survey

Develop the routine of sending a satisfaction survey to the organizers after the race. Sometimes in the maelstrom of everyday life, we can’t stop at the details. We work every day to do it better, so our customers’ opinion is extremely important to us. It is important to know if we are doing well, if we have to improve or if we have failed at something. It is also important to be analytical, self-critical and to look forward. 

Do you need a survey model? Write to

10# WeTimeEverything

Never stop looking for new challenges, new races, be open to other modalities, set goals per year, work on them and achieve them. Never give up 💪🏻

Do you have doubts about how to implement any of our advice?

Contact us!