Macsha Mexico at Bonafont 2017: 5 Races and Over 70,000 Participants

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 Macsha Mexico timed the Bonafont 2017, a record-breaking event, that brought together over 70,000 women across 5 major cities in Mexico! The 25th anniversary of the Carrera Bonafont 2017 brought its participants an event to be remembered for years to come! The Carrera Bonafont was created to inspire a social movement to empower women with […]

Macsha Mexico: Results of the First Clinic and Race

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There’s no doubt that Macsha entered Mexico with the right foot! The clinic was a complete success, the first race delivered impeccable results and we are already seeing the first opportunities in the Mexican market. Learn everything about our first adventure in Mexico. First Intensive Clinic in Mexico Around 30 people went to our first intensive […]