Timers in Action, November 2014!

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EVENT:  2º ETAPA CIRCUITO R8 ROLLER FITNESS DATE: 26/10/2014 DISCIPLINE: Roller Fitness The Roller R8 circuit consists of 3 stages in Track mode which feature both individual and team classifications. The stages’ results accumulate for an individual and team annual classification. The 9 races were timed using a MACSHA CRONOS ONE4ALL equipment, five floor antennas, […]

Timers in Action, October 2014!

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EVENT: La Maratón del Becario DATE: 06/09/2014 DISCIPLINE: Marathon El Instituto Becario is a public entity of the province of Entre Ríos, which promotes education in youth, assists with scholarships, workshops, career counseling, training, etc. On September 6, the second edition of “La Maratón del Becario” took place in Parana in the distances of 8km, […]

Timers in Action, June 2014!

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EVENT: ECOAVENTURA RIO ALEGRE DATE: May 18, 2014 COUNTRY: Argentina ECOAVENTURA RIO ALEGRE In an extraordinary natural setting, more than 2,500 runners gathered for the biggest sporting event in the city of Merlo. Rio Alegre welcomed competitors from all over the province of Buenos Aires who enjoyed an unforgettable day in the Ecoaventura 2014, organized by […]

Timers in Action, April 2014!

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EVENT: Copa Tomate Patagonia DATE: 01 March 2014 COUNTRY: Argentina Patagonia Tomato Cup is a Rally Cross competition that unites professionals, amateurs and family in general that wants to try a new route in Río Negro. Challenging as few, the circuit has a 60% fast flat,  20% flat middle locked and 20% sand fences, characteristic for the landscape […]