What kind of Timer are you?

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When you are at the beginning of timing any sporting event, you learn not only that each event is a great challenge in your career, but also what it’s to work under pressure until the last minute when you send an email with the subject: Final Classification. Each person has an individual personality, each Timer […]

Macsha Technology at the Tetratlón Chapelco 2019, the most important multidisciplinary race in Argentina

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Andes Cronos, one of our Timers in Argentina, timed the oldest and most important multidisciplinary race in the country for the 4th time. The circuits, the landscapes, the purity of the snow, the forest, the lake water and the surroundings of San Martín de Los Andes, make this race a unique contest for all competitors […]

Macsha Touchpads JOJ Bs As

Macsha Touchpads in the Buenos Aires 2018 YOG Pools

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From the 6th till the 18th of October 2018, Argentina hosted one of the biggest multi-sport events in history: the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Months after this remarkable event, the installations are being used again to hold the country’s official competitions. Macsha’s technology is there to guarantee flawless timing results. Buenos Aires 2018 […]

Macsha Swim Kazajistán

New Macsha Swim Installation in Kazakhstan

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On your marks, get set… Swim! ERTIS OLYMPIC’s pool is now ready to begin their official swimming competitions. Pablo Maccarone (co-founder & CEO) and Emiliano Bella (engineer responsible for Macsha Swim at Barcelona) travelled to Pavlodar, Kazakhstan to install Macsha Swim systems. The pool at ERTIS OLYMPIC centre was opened in December last year. It […]

India Timing

Nithin: From Intern at Macsha Barcelona to Macsha India Manager 🚀

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Every year, Macsha welcomes and mentors interns from universities from all over the world. For future leaders, internships are their first work experience and an entrance to the professional world. This experience is a source of inspiration for many young people and represents an opportunity to face challenges, work as a team and demonstrate their skills. […]

Carreras de Motor

Mach7 arrived in Spain!

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Last month we installed Mach7 in the Circuit ParcMotor, located in Castellolí, Barcelona province, Spain, for the first time. The most sophisticated and precise timing system in the world, specially designed for timing competitive high-speed events such as motor racing, is already a reality on the Iberian Peninsula #WeTimeEverything   Welcome, Cellnex and Parcmotor Castellolí […]