RUFUS Product Update

Product Update: Live Results

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The results publication is here 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏾! Now RUFUS Cloud allows you to post online real-time rankings of all your races! 🥳 How do I create a new publication? As you can see on the main screen, now the “Main Menu” has a new option: “Events“. When you click “Events” on the menu, you will see […]

Tips para cronometrar con RUFUS

Tips for timing with RUFUS

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The timing of sporting events can be a challenge, as there are many details that should be considered. However, it is possible to achieve success if we have the right tools and knowledge. We have prepared the following Blog with tips to keep in mind when timing a sporting event with RUFUS.  Note down ✍️ […]

RUFUS Cloud it’s here!

RUFUS Cloud it’s here!

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RUFUS Cloud is the Run On Rufus cloud platform that allows you to host all your timing sessions and times in the cloud. Now you can link your timing devices and send in real time all the measured times to the cloud and then receive or consult them, also in real time, from anywhere in […]