What kind of Timer are you?

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When you are at the beginning of timing any sporting event, you learn not only that each event is a great challenge in your career, but also what it’s to work under pressure until the last minute when you send an email with the subject: Final Classification. Each person has an individual personality, each Timer […]

Tips para cronometrar con RUFUS

Tips for timing with RUFUS

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The timing of sporting events can be a challenge, as there are many details that should be considered. However, it is possible to achieve success if we have the right tools and knowledge. We have prepared the following Blog with tips to keep in mind when timing a sporting event with RUFUS.  Note down ✍️ […]

Macsha Technology at the Tetratlón Chapelco 2019, the most important multidisciplinary race in Argentina

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Andes Cronos, one of our Timers in Argentina, timed the oldest and most important multidisciplinary race in the country for the 4th time. The circuits, the landscapes, the purity of the snow, the forest, the lake water and the surroundings of San Martín de Los Andes, make this race a unique contest for all competitors […]

Macsha Touchpads JOJ Bs As

Macsha Touchpads in the Buenos Aires 2018 YOG Pools

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From the 6th till the 18th of October 2018, Argentina hosted one of the biggest multi-sport events in history: the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Months after this remarkable event, the installations are being used again to hold the country’s official competitions. Macsha’s technology is there to guarantee flawless timing results. Buenos Aires 2018 […]

February Blog

Common Mistakes of a Beginner Timer

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Every month, there are more Timers in the world. We’re aware that the journey of becoming a Timing Expert is filled with many difficult tasks. A lot of times mistakes happen. And when we start a new profession, it’s particularly hard to admit we did something wrong. That’s why we’re sharing the mistakes beginner Timers […]

Preguntas Frecuentes

Frequently Asked Questions by Timers

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When you’re just starting, timing may seem complicated. And even when it doesn’t seem so, we all know that a thousand questions appear in the middle of an event.   Hi everyone, I’m Super Timer, and if you’re here it’s because you have concerns. You probably want to time perfectly, which makes me happy! I’ll answer […]