Nice Work: Official Representatives in the UK&I

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Macsha is always moving forward, and now it’s time to take over the UK! It’s our pleasure to introduce to you the new Macsha representatives in the UK: Nice Work.


From Timers to Representatives

Nice Work joined Macsha as Timers more than one years ago, and now they are our official representatives in the United Kingdom. In all this time they have proved to be amazing timers, and great workers, delivering impeccable results and service in every event they attend. Them becoming representatives means that they will be taking care of all the chip/bibs orders coming from the UK territory!

Nice Work

With more than 20 years of experience in the running and timing industry, Nice Work are the largest UK event organizers. Experience is something that we value at Macsha, being able to offer solutions to any type of event, no matter how difficult it might look is very important for us, that’s why the partnership with Nice Work will prove to be valuable, especially in helping you with any service that you might need. This is only another step in our goal of delivering quality products and services to you.


What to expect from Nice Work in the UK

The mission of Nice Work in the UK is to deliver high-quality service and support to all of our timers and event organizers in the UK. On top of that you can expect:

  • Better and faster technical support.
  • More competitive prices in local currency: Less/no shipping.
  • Better assistance in timing services.
  • Local rental of systems and/or antennas: Less/no transport.
  • Local people who know local needs and can help you better and faster.
  • Local telephone numbers and offices.

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