The New Macsha UNO: Ready for the Road

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Innovation and Macsha are synonyms, we never stop moving forward, and surprising the timing world! Now we introduce the Macsha UNO: reliable, portable, solid and easy to use. Welcome to the new timing era.

macsha-unoLike a Rolling Stone

The Macsha UNO is an all in one pack. Small and powerful, it comes with an integrated side antenna, 7” touch screen, and internal backup battery. And, as the 3G is a thing of the past, we provided the Macsha UNO with a WAN port, giving you unlimited connectivity without speed limits. And that’s not it, but as it is an all in one pack, it has a lower price than other systems, the best of Macsha and for the best price. We are sure that the Macsha UNO is a basic kit for any timer.

This system is ideal for start and finish lines of up to 1,000 runners, and checkpoints of even bigger events. Our Macsha experts recommend it for running, triathlon/duathlons and MTB events.

Ready for the Road

The Macsha UNO is packed with the latest timing technology, allowing timers to obtain impeccable results even on the most demanding events. And it’s prepared for the road, with two integrated wheels that make it easy to move, the Macsha UNO is the ultimate choice for the timers that are always on the move.

As all of our products we pay attention to every detail, from the design to the hardware. The Macsha UNO comes with the best timing software available.

An Antenna to Dominate any Eventantenna-family

Sometimes one antenna is not enough, that’s why we included a special connection port that allows you to connect up to 3 extra antennas to your Macsha UNO, by doing this you’ll be able to increase its reach. Set it up as you want or need, to get impeccable results in any event. The Macsha UNO is compatible with all of the One4All antennas, your choice: side, floor or aerial antennas.

Powerful Apps

As all of our products, there’s always something more, and the Macsha UNO is no exception. Loaded with some of the best timing apps in the market you’ll be able to automatize emails, SMS and event social media posts! The Macsha UNO is compatible with:

  • CronoOS
  • Run on Rufus
  • Macsha Classify

The Macsha UNO is a small giant that will change the way that timers time events all over the world!

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