Advices for Timers: How to Close More Events

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One of Timer’s main objectives is to time as many events as possible. We know that sometimes, and specially for new timers, this can be a challenge. But keep calm and read on! The Macsha team is always thinking about its timers, this is why we bring you 5 advices to close more events from our sales and services master Albert Castillo.

1. Create a Data Base

Creating a data base allows you to organize and get to know all the potential clients in your area. This also enables you to manage the clients you have already contacted and to follow up for each event.

Albert tells us that his personal database contains information about the events: location, event name, is it being timed or not, type of the event, approximate number of participants and who is the organizer.

2. Create an Email Template

One of Albert’s secrets is to create email templates, which speed up the contact process. One key element is to personalize the template for each client, which means to add the name of the organizer an event so that the email does not look too generic.

An extra tip on this: when there is a big event Albert recommends to call the organizer before sending the email. This first contact helps to create a positive bond with the organizer in the beginning.

The main goal is to raise its recognition in the market. If you get any reply it is important  to ask 2 basic questions: What do you need? What would you like?

3. Number 1 Objective: Gathering Information

As we talked about in the last advice, after you make contact with the organizer you need to gather as much information as possible. You should always ask: What do they need, what would they like to improve regarding the time of their event, basically find out how to specifically help them.

For Albert, the more information you have about an event, the more probabilities you’ll have to find a key element to offer them and prove you are the right person to time their event.


4. Always Speak Positively [Even About Your Competitors]

The way we interact with our potential clients is one of the most important aspects of the closing process. Albert highlights that he tries to talk in the most positive way he can, and making affirmations. Even about our competitors! Albert never discredits them, he simply explains that Macsha can do it even better.

You need to show confidence, never doubt, this is why it’s a good idea to prepare a script about what you want to say. And if you don’t know something, it’s perfectly fine to just say: I need to check out which will be the best option for your event. Always show professionalism, no one beat Macsha on that aspect!

5. Confidence

Today, the confidence the client perceives from you is really important, this is why Albert recommends to highlight what separates Macsha from the rest. Here’s where success stories come into play. These success stories show  that Machsa Timers always get impeccable results.

How can we increase the level of confidence between you and the potential client? Knowing your products and the market. A timer must be an expert, not only of the Macsha’s products, but on the timing world and its market. The Timer must be up to date and be able to answer any questions, showcasing professionalism and deep knowledge.

The message we want to send is: Macsha provides maximum service quality, greater benefits, and better prices!

What do you think of these advices? If you have any other advices don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you have any question for our expert in sales and services, Albert will be waiting for your email, contact him now!

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