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The difference between success and failure is a great team! Here at Macsha all departments work together as one team. But this is not where it ends, we also care about you! That is why the leaders of each of Macsha’s departments has a new tip for you.

From growing your business to the importance of social media, you’ll find a tip that will take your business to next level. Interested? Sit back and read the tips below.


Macsha has 2 main head guys: our CEO’s, Pablo and our CMO, Federico. If there is something they know, it is how to manage a Team. Since they started the company they manage a team of people from all over the world, they know how to combine fun with professionalism. Our CEO’s anticipate the behaviour and meet the needs of people from different cultures, this while bringing them together into one strong team working together for the same objective.

Pablo Maccarone

“Set clear goals or KR (key results) to your team. Manage them weekly, monthly or quarterly. Identify KPI (key performance indicators) related to each goal and to each job or department and establish ways of measuring them. This way you’ll be able to identify deviations quickly and implement correction strategies towards the goal or KR.”


“Persistence is the key to succeeding in business and life, no matter if you are not the smartest, but what really matters is your persistence to never give up.”


As we all know, there is a gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products/services that the organisation offers that can fulfil their needs. The sales department will have to be able to bridge this gap. Without sales the business will not know any success, that’s why the sales department plays a pivotal role in the company. Below you can find the tip, from Albert Castillo, our sales department man.

Albert Castillo

“The Timer must be up to date and be able to answer any questions, showcasing professionalism and deep knowledge. The message we want to send is: We provide maximum service quality and greater benefits!”


There is no part of an organisation that is not important, our production department makes sure that everything is produced on time, and maintaining high-quality standards. They make sure that every customer is a happy customer. Production is the home of the chips and bibs, check out Luca’s advice, our Italian multi-department guy, on how to take care of your chips.

Luca Condorelli

“Order and organization are key for any business that wants to move forward. Being organized will make tasks easier, help you solve them faster and reduce your stress level. Also, delivery on time is essential, so organize your business!”


Design is something we pay a lot of attention to here at Macsha. It isn’t just something that looks nice but it has to be specifically designed for a certain target group. Here comes our Meme-machine and head designers advice:

Esteban Barbero

“The design process should point towards the solution of a company’s needs. The responsible for it should be able to have an insight into the goals of the company and anticipate solutions for upcoming challenges regarding brand and communication.”


Our workshop is the place where the magic happens, all our systems are produced in-house, from the crown of the Macsha Family, the One4All, to the new Macsha Swim, every goes through our workshop. At Macsha’s workshop there are people working hard day in and day out, nevertheless, they also found the time to find a tip for you guys!

Gustabo Quiroga

“The workshop it is all about innovation. Like every company, we want to grow. And to do so, we need to keep innovating. It is not a one-time thing, innovation is an eternal process!”


Potential customers have to be found, this mostly happens through online marketing here at Macsha. Daily we try to attract potential customers on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Also the online presence of is one the most important aspects of a company, nowadays everyone is online checking for reviews and news! Check out the advice from Gabriel, one of our Marketing guys!

Gabriel Jose

“Online is almost as important as offline. Marketing is the way you connect with your customers. Your brand’s voice can be the difference between being at the top and being another boring profile online.”


At Macsha we often have interns, this because we like helping people forward. We like to teach them all we know so that they can reach their full potential. Interns for us is advantageous for both parties, we get to teach them and they create a great atmosphere at work. Check out this great tip from our business intelligence intern:

Roland de Jong

“Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your business’ numbers, this way you’ll keep your business fit and running.”

What do you think of these tips? We hope you found them interesting and hope you’ve learned something, for more advice visit our blog. Or, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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