A range of timing systems: Macsha’s 2016 Catalog

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When timing any event, all times have to be registered correctly with impeccable results. This is why you need the perfect timing system for your event. This blog concerns the different products Macsha has to offer. Don’t miss out on it and find out more about our new products!

Mach7: Give me fuel, give me fire.

The range of products at Macsha has again gotten bigger. We present to you, the Mach7. The Mach7 is the most sophisticated and precise solution for timing high-speed competitive events like for Karting and motor races.


The Mach7 works with transponders, the transponders are placed on the vehicle and when they pass the antenna, the Mach7 captures the signals from the transponder. The information is collected and sent to a computer where it is stored with the Race Manager Software. The information can be sent to other devices from the computer, like scoreboards, printers, lap time viewers and any other third-party device.

Oh, and also: NO FEES FOR LIFE. The transponders of the Mach7 system, unlike other systems, are free of any annual fee, and the internal battery is replaceable, in all cases, by the user.

In other words, go check out the new Mach7 for high-speed competitive events, you won’t regret it!

One4All: Ahead of its Time

A versatile system: Robust, reliable, and beautifully designed. The system of the future, today! The One4All is compatible with all of Macsha’s antennas that read the chips as they pass by. The One4All registers the time and then send it to the cloud. From the cloud, it can be sent anywhere, like for example to the Macsha Kiosk. The chips who pass the antennas are brandable and disposable!

Actually, the range of accessories compatible with the One4All system gives the name its integrity: a single system for all sports! From laser barriers to thermal printers. From cameras to 3G and 4G routers. From mini UPS to infrared barriers. Pure innovation, no matter which way you slice it.

The One4All can be used very effectively for nearly any sports event, from marathons and adventure racing to road cycling or mountain biking, motocross, karting, triathlon, duathlon, and more. This is due to the One4All’s ability to precisely read chips, avoiding collisions and capturing results at incredibly high speeds.

When we create something, we do not leave aspects out. We want it to be as perfect as possible. That’s why we believe that a timing system should not only be reliable, featuring durable and robust components, but also be sleek and easy to use.

Want to learn more about the One4all? Click here and be amazed!


UNO: Like a Rolling Stone

The new Macsha UNO is all you need to time any sporting events. A small giant that will change the way we time. Compact and powerful, the Macsha UNO has an integrated lateral antenna, touchscreen, and battery: the basic kit for any timer.

products_0003_Layer 3

We take you into account! You know how a lot of timers are always on the move? Well the Macsha UNO is prepared for the road! The UNO comes with the latest timing technology designed by Macsha to deliver impeccable results, even for the most demanding events. Ready for the road, the Macsha UNO is the perfect solution for the timers that are always on the move.

Not only is the Macsha UNO prepared for the road but it’ll also allow you to expand your possibilities! The Macsha UNO has an antenna connection port to let you connect up to 3 extra antennas and increase the scope of the system. Suitable for checkpoints, finish lines and starting lines, set it wherever you want to enjoy impeccable results for all your events.

We believe that there is always room for innovation. The Macsha UNO proves that a timing system can be reliable, portable, and easy to use. As with all our products, we’ve paid attention to every detail of the Macsha UNO – both visually and technically. Loaded with the best timing software, this system is ready for action.

Click here and learn everything about the Macsha UNO!


SWIM: Smoke on the Water

Apart from the One4All that can be used very effectively for nearly any sports event, we also have the Macsha SWIM, the perfect solution for all your swimming events!

Along with athletics, swimming has been an Olympic symbol since the first modern Olympics in Athens 1896. The Macsha SWIM system is ready to take responsibility for timing the sport that is one of the most representative of the Olympics spirit.

products_0001_Layer 6

The design and manufacturing process of the SWIM system is in accordance with the FINA requirements and made using the same materials and sensors as industry leaders. The only difference is that our SWIM system is also accessible to small clubs and local organizations while remaining fully suitable for use in large events.

The Macsha SWIM uses Touchpads, these touchpads then send the time to are systems. Touchdown! Touchpads! The touchpads aren’t just normal touchpads. Our touchpads are built using PVC and stainless steel with two tape switch sensors strategically located on the back to guarantee full sensitivity over the entire surface. PVC sheaths are subjected to an abrasive process known as “sand-blasting” which provides a non-slip roughness throughout the contact area.

The Swim system is completed by starting sensors, or relay pads; starting goblets, or blocks; and information boards, or scoreboards. All built to suit the customer’s needs for the pool. The system can be used for any pool, long or small. Furthermore, the system includes its own timing software and publication on screen. It also supports two of the major programs used at swimming events.

Get wet with the Macsha Swim!


Macsha display: Notify. Surprise. Thrill.

Not only are we able to offer you timing systems, we’ve also got a display and a kiosk in store for you! In the continuous search of improving the experience of the event participants and spectators, we never stop innovating.

products_0002_Layer 4

Therefore, we developed our own high-intensity LED display screen. The Macsha Led
Screen publishes information to the participants and to the public in real time, supporting
various formats of text, graphics, images, animated GIFs, and videos. We evolved what was
a simple race clock into a complete hub

The modular design allows us to develop any kind of LED display for every application. Additionally, it is possible to display text in many languages, including sign languages.
From possession clocks for basketball or water polo to information lines for swimming competitions in pools to advertising screens, the Macsha Display can do it all!

Want to know more? Click here!


Macsha Kiosk: Information at Your Fingertips.

Last but not least we have the Macsha Kiosk, it is an information kiosk that can completely change the way you worked before, during and after an event.


The information kiosks can be easily used by anyone and can improve the experience of the competitor and spectator at an event. They are an excellent communication tool, able to generate information in real-time!

Furthermore, there is no need to print classifications or wait in a crowd just to see the results posted on a wall. You won’t need so many volunteers to register competitors or process results. The apps developed for the kiosks resolve these issues automatically!

Discover the Macsha Kiosk!


These were the products Macsha has to offer, as you know now the range of products is pretty big. When we say #WeTimeEverything we’re not fooling around. From timing almost everything with the All4One to the Macsha SWIM. Furthermore, we are also able to offer you Display and information equipment, The Macsha Display,and Kiosk will never let you down.

Want to learn more about one of our products? Check out our website www.macsha.com and learn more about the products themselves and their accessories. #WeTimeEverything

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