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As we discussed in our previous article, 2017 is the year of Macsha’s culture. Why? Simply, our commitment to excellence goes beyond our products, events, and prizes. All of our achievements tie back to you, our customers.

We have grown and advanced as a company, all thanks to event organizers, timers, and our representatives worldwide. You may ask: What leads them to trust us? We believe that others’ confidence in our company stems from two main concepts: the value we provide and how we treat those we do business with. For us, helping the customer is the most important thing, no matter how big or small they may be.

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Defining Macsha’s Culture

The technology is only one part of what we provide

In order to define our culture, we must first look at what we bring to the table. First, our products: the quality of our timing systems has allowed us to grow and be successful as a company. Our innovative timing software have the ability to time a range of sports – from motor racing to running, swimming, biking, and more, Macsha has the timing product for you.

Created right here in the workshop of our Barcelona office, all of our products – both big and small – come with a guarantee of technical sophistication and precise timing. Take the new Mach7, for example. Created specifically to time high-speed competitive events, this powerful little system is capable of measuring the most miniscule of moments. Our technicians also build larger products like the Macsha Kiosk, a real-time information tool that can be used by spectators and competitors alike. Fueled by a passion for design and creativity, our technical production team works tirelessly to ensure that each product is of the highest quality and functionality.

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The precision and attention to detail in our products shows that our technicians take great pride in their work. Every product is carefully designed and planned, and no detail goes unnoticed. This is shown with everything we make, especially the smaller systems where every component must fit in perfectly to create the final product. Manual labor is never easy, but we are proud to employ the hardest workers in the industry.

As a company, we put maximum effort into what we create because we love knowing that our products are benefiting others. With all of that being said, we maintain the belief that our products are only one aspect of what we provide our customers.

Choosing Macsha means choosing our culture

When you purchase from Macsha, you are not only buying our products, you are joining our family. As a company, we fully commit to always being there for you, our customers. In our eyes, being part of a team means working together and supporting each other through it all. A perfect example of this is the relationships we maintain with our timers. When a timer buys one of our products for any given event, we pledge to support them until they have accomplished their task. We firmly believe that the success of our timers is the success of Macsha. Of course, this concept is not bound to just our timers. To all of our customers: your success translates directly into our success.

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If you are thinking of becoming timer, check our eBook on how to become a Master Timer, we’ll be with you all the way!

While our success is undoubtedly bound to our customers, we still must give credit where credit is due: our team members. What our company lacks in size, we make up for in unity, motivation, and work ethic. Just like our products, we aim to be globalized as a group. Although we come from different backgrounds and speak different languages, we all join together and work towards a common goal: the growth and success of Macsha. With employees from 10 different countries, we truly pride ourselves on being an international company. Our products may be created in Barcelona, but they are made for the world.

While growth and success are always our two main goals, we will never forget the values that brought us to where we are at today. We are Macsha – culture, service, and innovation. Join us in our path to conquer the timing world. | Visit www.macsha.com to learn more |

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