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Meet Liam Burke, a UK Timer of more than 5 years! Take a look at his interview to learn more about how he’s grown up and progressed with Nice Work and how they are timing more than 140 events in 2017!

1. Tell us a little about Nice Work and how it started. When did you decide to time events yourself? What were your biggest challenges when you first started timing? What have you learned?

Nice Work is a family business that was formed in 1989 by Martin and Cathy Burke and in 2005 began organizing Running Races. The first event was in a small village close to where we live and now 12 years on have we grown to organizing and timing in excess of 190 events a year ranging from 50 participants to 2500.

We first started timing events ourselves in 2012 after our timing provider at the time bought more equipment and trained to time the events using their system. The biggest challenges we faced at the start was it was all new! We normally had an external operator to time our events and I was only 16 at the time and was being trained to use equipment that I had never seen before or known anything about and in the event of something going wrong I was unaware of how to fix the problem. However, I learnt quickly and was soon able to time races of 1000 participants plus.

Another problem we have in the UK is the weather! We’re not the dryest of countries and have had to battle against the elements. Including one event where there was 5cm worth of rain on the finish line soaking into the timing mats! They took over 3 days to dry out!


2. How did you find out about our company and what made you decide to work with us?

Nice Work has used several systems throughout the years and in 2015 we looked into purchasing our own equipment. Federico at Macsha approached us and we were very impressed with the potential of the Macsha Systems.

3. How did you become such a successful Timer? How has your relationship with Macsha been throughout these years of growth for you?

We have always timed our events and when we first started timing, chips were a mystery and we used to use stopwatches and paper. As time moved on, so did our timing and we learnt to chip time from other timers. We have learnt more and more throughout the years as we overcome obstacles from malfunctions and learning how to correct them and not let them happen again.

In the past 4 or 5 years, our timing business has grown from chip timing around 40 events a year to well over 140 events in 2017. The disposable MT-Shoe that Macsha offer has enabled us to offer the best price to our customers.


4. We know you have timed a lot of races. Can you tell us a little about how you have managed to grow within your position? How have you grown personally and as a team member?

As Nice Work is a family company I have been involved in some form or another from a young age, progressing from handing out medals at the finish through to marshalling and then making my way up to take responsibility for timing and I have now timed in excess of 350 events. I started full time in 2012 and have since learnt to time with various systems. I believe that I have learnt to work amongst our timing team and also helped to teach our new timers how to use the Macsha Systems and also the other timers in the UK and Ireland if they have issues.

5. You are a great example for anybody who is interested in becoming a Timer. Do you have any advice for potential Timers that you wish somebody told you when you first started?

Don’t be afraid if you have issues and things don’t go according to plan. There is always a way to fix the problem and learn from it.

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