Macsha’s Antennas: Find the Perfect One for Your Event

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Do you know what type of antenna you need for a Duathlon? How about which type of events need an aerial antenna? Learn how to match our antennas to the different types of races!

Timing is an essential element during competitive events. Typically, to time an event, 3 key elements are needed: Chips, timing systems and antennas.

At Macsha we have the most adaptable chips for different types of events, bu we do not stop there, we are constantly trying new types of chips in order to ensure that we offer the best technology available.

Macsha’s timing systems are capable of timing open water, cycling, running, MTB, karts, roller, triathlon, duathlon, enduro, swimming and more types of events.

On this blog, we will concentrate on the antennas. All sporting events that are timed vary in speed, number of participants, placement of the chips and checkpoints thus each event cannot be timed with the same type or amount of antennas. This is why we offer three different types of antennas: Aerial, Side and Floor.

Macsha's Antenas

Aerial Antenna:

Macsha’s aerial antennas are mainly used used for high speed events such as cycling, karts and enduro, but we also recommend using them for roller skate events. One of the benefits of aerial antennas is that they offer a wider reading range which at high speeds provides more accurate readings. In arcs that are bigger than 10 meters we recommend using side antennas as a backup given that participants can pass really close to the post. Nevertheless, our aerial antennas are positioned where the majority of the race participants will pass through.

Check out our aerial antenna set up during Enduro del Verano, right under the Pirelli banner, and our side antennas located on the sides of the arc.


Side Antenna:

Our side antennas are our most used type of antenna. These antennas serve as a backup on running events and they are the main ones during open water, MTB and roller skate events. In events that side and floor antennas are combined, the side antennas are usually positioned a couple of meters behind the floor antennas as they are used as backup antennas.  When using side antennas it is important to keep in mind where the chip is located in order to know which angle the antenna will be placed in. When the chip is worn on the shoe, the antenna should be angled towards the floor, while if the chip is worn on the race number the antenna should be angled at the same level.

Floor Antenna:

The floor antenna is widely used in running races, duathlons, triathlons but they are also used in MTB racing events. The main characteristic of the floor antenna is that it marks the finish line and gives a precise reading once the participants cross it. We’ve recently introduced a new foldable floor antenna which is lighter and easier to transport!

Most importantly, once you’ve figured out which antennas to used and where to place them you’ll need to know which chips to use and well as their placement. Take a look at our table to see which chip suits your race the best!

Table Eng

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